Play Driving Games Online Free, including car racing games.


Race over the roads in a crazed free for all, regardless of whether shooting and cleaning put vehicles over, gathering coins or whatever the different missions require!

Do not Crash

In this fast paced action game you drive on a very special racing track. Horse racing with incoming traffic. To make matters worse, the moving car changes lanes from time to time, and you have to be careful and show lightning-fast reflexes to get past it. The game starts off…

Block Racer

Get into the seat of your Block Racer, rev up the engine and and try to avoid all the obstacles in this cool racing game! The retro style 8bit graphics and the fast gameplay will keep you playing for hours and hours, trying to beat your best distance. On you…

Up Hill Racing 2

The most fun and addictive HTML5 racing game is back! In this physics-based racer you climb uphill using many different vehicles like a monster truck, a lorry or even a 6 wheeler ATV.Each vehicle provides a unique experience and can be upgraded to make it easier to control and perform…

Bike Racing 2

Bike Racing 2, the eagerly anticipated sequel to the popular and addictive hill-climb racing game is here with updated graphics, brand new motorcycles and even more craziness! Again, you will need all your skill and concentration to jump over gaps, climb the hills and pass all the obstacles as fast…

Drift Race

Drift Race is a classic Top-Down Racing game that offers arcade-style drift-controls and fast action! You will compete in short races against up to three opponents on curvy tracks filled with power-ups and obstacles. Your racing career starts in a beginner’s race of the Bronze League in a sports car…

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