2048 Threes

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2048 Threes2048 Threes2048 Threes

2048 Threes


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Welcome to the best round of the year – 2048 is the web sensation! The 19 year old Gabriele Cirulli built up the game on only one end of the week to see whether he can program a game without any preparation. Since this second the game has taken the web by storm.Playing 2048 is simple: Swipe to move all tiles starting with one side then onto the next. In the event that two tiles with a similar worth touch, they converge into one and include their figures. The object of the game is to make a tile with an estimation of in any event 2048. Also, on the off chance that you at last figure out how to do as such, you can attempt to push the cutoff points and beat the most elite players.

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